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Technical Staff Coaching

We are in the most technologically innovative periods in history. New knowledge is exploding while knowledge lifecycles are shrinking. Fully leveraging the intellectual assets of the organization is crucial to success. Senior technical staff members must share their knowledge freely and productively. They must interact constructively to co-create new knowledge and catalyze others to create new knowledge. The quality of their interactions not only determines the current flow of knowledge but as role models, shapes the flow in the future.  

Many Senior technical staff members are confronted with at least one of the following challenges during their careers.

      High technical ability, but need to develop interpersonal and leadership skills.
      Perceived as abrasive, authoritarian and arrogant.
      They have no confidante to talk to about their challenges and strategies.
     Do not understand the roles of Knowledge Provider, Thought Leader and Collaborative Leader. 

Technical Staff Coaching offers a one-on-one coaching approach to interpersonal skills development that provides both the facilitative and consultative experiences necessary to make dramatic breakthroughs in interactive effectiveness. Technical Staff Coaching focuses on the interactive roles senior technical staff members need to play in a knowledge leveraging environment.  The individual learns how to maintain the appropriate interactions even in stressful situations.  Including, how to think with others, unearth each other's assumptions, beliefs and mental models without generating excess heat, even when one or more of the people has a heavy investment in “knowing,” being right or in control.

Breakthrough Human Development Technologies

 At the heart of Technical Staff Coaching is the Agile Learning, a breakthrough in learning technology that facilitates the discovery of the individual's  unique 'next developmental step'.  It integrates the emerging needs of their environment with their desires and goals into a new, more effective interactive style that complements their existing style while diminishing counterproductive tendencies. It makes personal change both easily accessible and time efficient.

Guided best practices that give users iPower.  The power to manage reactions to anything. The ability to size up people and situations more accurately. The presence and self-control to shift mind-sets and responses on the fly. The freedom to step back from current ways of doing things and execute new behavior.


Extend the effectiveness and influence of experts in positive ways.
Gain valuable information from self-assessment and co-worker feedback.
Discover new "Success Strategy"
that complements current strengths and diminishes weaknesses.
Learn the roles of Knowledge Provider, Thought Leader and Collaborative Leader.
Learn how to positively manage people seeking knowledge.
Interact more effectively in challenging situations.
Attract others to well reasoned points of view.
Form collaborative partnerships.

Every Coaching engagement is customized to meet the needs of the Technical Staff person. Typically they involve:

Situation analysis and plan.
One on one interviews.
Communications assessment.
Conduct self-organizing inquiry to discover a new "Success Strategy".
Weekly in person coaching sessions over a period of three to six months.
Clearing "history".  Assistance with clearing ‘perceptual blocks’ that keep others from seeing positive change.
Measure progress

The Coach

Peter Stonefield, B.S.E.E, MA, Ph.D., President of Stonefield Learning Group, Psychologist and author of numerous articles. Dr. Stonefield was an electronic engineer and manager for the Bunker-Ramo Corporation. 

He has worked extensively with all levels of management and knowledge workers in organizations like Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Medical Labs, Stanford Hospital , Baxter Laboratories, and agencies of the US Government. He was instrumental in winning the President's Quality Award and the GSA Administrator's award for change management.