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Knowledge Management

In a knowledge driven world the competitive edge belongs to those organizations that fully leverage their intellectual assets. Organizational productivity, market responsiveness and innovation depend on how well your knowledge workers share, create and reuse knowledge wherever it is in the organization.

Knowledge Management
from Stonefield Learning Group offers a framework, proven strategies and tools to increase your return on investment from your intellectual resources.


Knowledge Agility–quickly bring the best knowledge available to project or organizational            constraints/opportunities as they arise.
Knowledge Garden–build “communities of practice” that cross organizational boundaries to:
      Leverage and recycle current knowledge tacit and explicit (work products, code, best practices)
      Catalyze and continuously harvest new knowledge in mission critical areas.
Knowledge Ramp–accelerate ramp time of people seeking knowledge to become productive.
Measure and Incent Leveraging–measure the value of leveraged knowledge and incent leveraging activities.

In our research, we are finding that people don’t know what the full range of knowledge is in their organization nor where and how to access it. We are also finding that experienced managers and knowledge workers tend to prize their independence and think alone. They can be reluctant to surface constraints and tend to guard what they know. Even willing knowledge givers, seekers and co-creators often find it difficult to expose their thinking in constructive ways that result in leveraged knowledge. All too often, people show up and aggressively advocate their view in a win-lose framework. Even simple miscues turn into e-mail battles.

On the other hand, people like to see their knowledge used and they want to be acknowledged for their contribution. The pivotal issue becomes how they manage those conflicting intentions.

One engineering Community of Practice at Sun Microsystems showed a 13% increase in productivity and a 350% increase in knowledge worker leadership during the first year.

Our approach to knowledge management is based on the assumption that leveraging knowledge initiatives must be driven by the individual contributors and supported by management. You can't pressure knowledge workers to cough up or create knowledge on demand.

Leveraging Knowledge (LK) Methods and Tools
We have developed proven methods and tools for bringing about the necessary cultural changes.

LK Conference
      Forms "communities of practice".
      Establishes goals and context.
      Creates interpersonal infrastructure.
      Catalyzes LK initiatives.

LK Interactions Training
      Shows how to manage intentions, think productively together and communicate effectively.
      Builds competencies in LK Role skills.

Ongoing Community Support