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Executive Coaching

Most Executives, managers and business owners are confronted with at least one of the following challenges during their careers.

They have a long track record of successful performance but find themselves blocked in their career.
They have high technical ability, but need to develop the skills to market, sell or lead.
They have no confidante to sort through their thinking about opportunities, challenges and strategies.
They have difficulty adapting to new and novel situations.
They are perceived as abrasive, authoritarian, arrogant or risk-averse.
The very management style that they owe much of their past success is less viable today.
They are high performing individuals with a perceptual block that prevents them from moving to a higher level of leadership.
They are challenged by having authority over people NOT like themselves.
They are not adept at the complex political game of competition and cooperation.

Coaching is designed to resolve these issues and more. Numerous studies have shown that the number one predictor of success is the ability to evolve and be effective in new or novel situations. Managers can no longer rely exclusively on old “success strategies’, ways of thinking and competencies-that worked in the past.  They must continuously evolve to meet new challenges.

Executive Coaching is designed to resolve these issues and more.

The Coach-Peter Stonefield, BSEE, MA, PhD.

What differentiates Doctor Stonefield from other coaches and makes him more effective are the depth and breadth of his experience and two fundamental breakthroughs in coaching and human development.

Doctor Stonefield is President of Stonefield Learning Group, consultant, psychologist and author of Managing Innovation. He was an electronic engineer and manager for the Bunker-Ramo Corporation.  He has successfully completed over 300 consulting engagements, created more than 20 different training and development programs and coached over 200 executives and engineers.

He has facilitated the development of 10 knowledge leveraging “Communities of Practice” in high-tech engineering and marketing organizations. 

His client list includes Apple Computer, Baxter Laboratories, Dow Chemical, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, US Government, PPG, Stanford Hospital and Sun Microsystems. He was the principal consultant to the winner of the President's Quality Award for Managing Change and the winner of the GSA Administrators Award for Managing Change in Government. 

He taught courses throughout the world on Coaching, Managing Innovation, Cognitive and Creative Process, Leadership, Collaboration, Communications, Counseling Skills -including Guided Imagery and the Purposeful Imagination. 

 He recently drafted a vision for computing for Sun Microsystems.

This depth and breadth of experience uniquely qualifies him as a business architect and Coach in a variety of technical and non-technical contexts.

 Breakthrough 1

iPower Best Practices CD.

Six best practices that give you the:

      Power to build internal (intrinsic) commitment to create the future you want.
      Capacity to manage your reactions to anything.
      Ability to size up people and situations more accurately.
      Presence and self-control to shift mind-sets and responses on the fly.
      Freedom to step back from current ways of doing things and execute new behavior.

Breakthrough 2

Evolutionary Learning

A simple yet powerful creative process that facilitates self-discovered insight into “next steps” in your evolution.
      Tuned to your current opportunities and challenges.
      Complements your current management style.
     Builds your adaptive capacity.


The Coaching process is customized to meet your individual needs. Typically it involves:

      Situation analysis, assessments, inquiry, awareness, goal setting, planning and follow up.
      One-on-one interviews.  
      Communications assessment.
      Weekly in person coaching sessions over a period of three to six months.
      Clearing "history". Removing ‘perceptual blocks’ in the environment that keep others from seeing positive change. 
     Measure progress.

Typical Objectives
Peter works one-on-one with you to:

      Explore your challenges and opportunities, then sort out your options and make better decisions.
      Gain valuable information from self-assessment and co-worker feedback when appropriate.
      Explore and discover a clearer sense of purpose-what is really important to you.
      Discover your “next steps”.
      Establish challenging goals.
      Improve your effectiveness in your current business environment.
      Develop the interpersonal skills to effect change and build positive interpersonal relationships quickly.
      Become more agile–able to adapt to any situation.
     Work out a balance between your business and personal goals.

Coaching Reference Workbook
Provides you with written tips and guidelines for most leadership and communications situations featuring:

Leadership Architecture
      Universal and flexible communications framework. 
      Leadership process for enrolling others.
      Effect change while maintaining essential harmony.
      Build learning teams.

Language Building Blocks
      Build rapport and trust.
      Ask the right question.
      Explore the viewpoints of other’s without generating excess heat.
      Motivate and align others.
      Advocate ideas effectively.
      Getting to what “we want”.

Applications/Situational Communications Strategies
       Effective presentations
      Clearing “pebbles”.
      Giving and receiving feedback.
       Dealing with resistance to change.
       Form partnerships based on commitments.
       Managing impasses.
       Dealing w/defensiveness.
       Constructive feedback on problem behaviors.
       Managing conflict.
       Managing change.
       Performance coaching.
       Build learning teams.
     Productive conversations.