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Agile Leadership

Today’s global, high speed, complex, and disruptive business environment demands a new set of leadership competencies. New products, technologies, companies and services are emerging, converging and evolving into more complete and complex collaborative partnerships and solutions. Product and knowledge lifecycles as well as profit windows are shrinking.  In response, leaders are trying to make their organizations more adaptive, agile, changeable and synergistic across multiple domains with increasingly blurred boundaries.

 Leadership effectiveness in this environment demands leaders play many roles with different mind-sets as they move through each day.

Roles like: “Inquirer”, “Advocate”, “Innovator”, “Negotiator”, “Delegator”, “Coach”, “Conflict Manager”, “Change Agent / Leader”, “Collaborative Leader”, “Knowledge Manager” and “Facilitator”

Developing and deploying these complementary roles requires:

Self-management - Agile Learning

Agile Leadership is the only leadership development program with the necessary human technologies, iPower and Agile Learning.

Learning Objectives:

Develop self-awareness and will.
Maintain the self-control that people respect and respond to.
Calm rather than inflame.
Change roles, mind-sets and behaviors, as needed, on the fly.

Agile Learning
Self-organize new leadership roles or "Success Strategies" from the inside out.
Accelerate the learning of new leadership talents and skills.

Role Specific Leadership Solutions
Learn the mindset, qualities and communications skills of new leadership roles or “Success Strategies”.

Establish rapport and trust quickly.
More accurately Sense people and situations.
Ask the questions that lead to really understanding problems.
Evoke understanding from a systems perspective.
Explore other’s thinking in a way that creates open mindedness.
Calm defensive behaviors in others.
Facilitate retrospectives and learning from outcomes.

Speak to the needs and purposes in play.
Create compelling value propositions.
Gain acceptance of ideas.

Win Win problem solving.
Treat proposals and options open-mindedly.
Get to what “WE’ want quickly.

Overcoming reluctance to delegate.
Decide what / who to delegate to.
Deploy appropriate delegating style, options and strategies.

Establish coaching relationships and goals.
Facilitate self-reflective feedback.
Provide critical feedback without generating excess noise.

“Conflict Manager”
Manage impasses.
Clear “pebbles”.
Keep conflict productive.
Resolve conflicts, when you are and are not a party.

“Change Agent / Leader”
Understand the real problems in leading change.
Effect change while maintaining essential harmony.
Enroll others through all phases of the change process.
Turn reluctance into readiness.
Facilitate “letting go”.

“Creator / Innovator”
Know where to look for opportunities to innovate.
Think creatively.
Advance ideas in the organization.
Facilitate innovation sessions.
Foster creative climate.

“Collaborative Leader”
Enroll others, even when perceived as extra work.
Share leadership.
Sustain commitments.
Manage breakdowns.

“Architect / Strategist”
Think systemically across blurred boundaries.
Balance/synthesize competing forces.

“Knowledge Manager”
Leveraging knowledge roles and strategies.
Catalyze new knowledge creation.

Design meetings that work.
Facilitate meeting processes.
Keep meetings creative and productive.
Forge commitments to outcomes.

Why Agile Leadership Works

Fundamental Breakthroughs in Self-management and Self-organized Agile Learning

iPower is a highly innovative breakthrough in human technology that enables the discovery and empowerment of a deeper “I” or ‘inner director’ that enables real time situational awareness and self-management. iPower enables people to use their personality as an instrument of leadership.

Discovering a deeper sense of “I” has dramatically helped me negotiate, manage conflict, effect change and coach others. Manager, PPG

I now observe all of my “success strategies” in action as I move through the day. Mark J, Program Manager, Plaxo

Agile Learning is another fundamental breakthrough human technology that facilitates the natural evolutionary creative process that creates new complementary adaptive “success strategies” and natural leadership talents.

Role playing the adaptive insights was incredible. I can’t believe how quickly I learned the new roles.
Manager, Sun Microsystems

It’s great. Ethan E. Ops Manager , Plaxo

Proven Leadership Architecture
Over 70,000 leaders have been trained in this process.
Universally applicable process.
Scalable from one-on-one to entire enterprise.
Motivates and aligns.
Builds a learning environment.

The architecture just blows me away. It takes the guess work out of leadership Staff Engineer, PPG

Keeping the same architecture for all the roles really made easier to learn all the roles quickly.
Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems

FANTASTIC! Rikk Carey VP Engineering, Plaxo

I never realized it was this easy to discover new adaptive success strategies. Where were you twenty years ago?
Manager, Baxter Laboratories

People need to understand the psychological dynamics explored in this course in order to effectively motivate others. Lack of such knowledge can and has caused much wasteful thrashing about in this organization. Director PPG

The Delegator, Coach, Conflict Manager and Change Leader success strategies are working  really well. Manager, Plaxo

I recommend this program to anybody that wants to lead, including top management. The architecture, language and styles are the essence of leadership.   Director Engineering, PPG

Highly pragmatic and useful. Role playing the different mindsets really helped. Manager, Plaxo

You broke down problems that happen every day in a way that makes it easier for me to understand people-especially why they act the way they do.    Director PPG

The Catalyst

Peter Stonefield, B.S.E.E, MA, Ph.D., President of Stonefield Learning Group, Psychologist and author Managing Innovation and numerous other articles. Dr. Stonefield was an electronic engineer and manager for the Bunker-Ramo Corporation. He was also a Director of Learning in New Dimensions. 

He has worked extensively with all levels of management and knowledge workers in organizations like Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Dow Chemical, Stanford Hospital , Baxter Laboratories, PPG, Plaxo and agencies of the US Government. He was instrumental in winning the President's Quality Award and the GSA Administrator's award for change management.