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We are in the most innovative and integrative period in history. Everywhere you turn innovators are breaking down conceptual and organizational boundaries in information technology, communications, science, media, politics, business, medicine and education and synthesizing new solutions and technologies in what many are beginning to dub the “Creative Economy”.

You can no longer rely on past experience alone. There are no exact role models, detailed road maps and blueprints. The only long term sustainable competitive advantage is to become agile-nimble, quick and effective across a broad spectrum of existing as well as new and novel situations.

Agile and adaptive organizations:
Innovate-take preemptive leadership.
Adapt-respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.
Execute synergistically-across blurred boundaries.  
Change-have the flexibility to turn on a dime and quickly reconfigure everything.
Leverage Knowledge-bring the best available knowledge to issues and opportunities.

One thing is certain, you can't build an agile knowledge leveraging organization without agile leaders and individual contributors.  

Stonefield Learning Group is uniquely qualified to assist individuals and organizations develop agility.  We have created breakthrough human and organizational technologies that accelerate the development of organizational and individual agility.

In biology, there is the Law of Requisite Behavior.  The law states that:  cells that organize themselves with the greatest range of behavioral responses will not only have the greatest chance of survival but will lead the other cells.”


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